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For more than 15 years we have been making images for our clients.  

Their people, their products, their buildings, their meetings, their events...

around Canada and the US.  

They all share the same requirement - from a sole-proprietor through to the largest Bank in the country - you need to show your products and people in the best possible way.  

We strive to create the most accurate and artistic images we can and so use exceptional

imagery equipment from Panasonic, Canon and Black Magic Design.

As an example - from a video perspective, we have been shooting video

exclusively with 4k cameras for more than 8 years and now mostly shoot 6k.

So many 'professional photographers' take pictures, whereas at MoffatCreative we are dedicated to

making images.   This requires the right gear, the right location, and applying our experience

with planning and forethought.  

Since Covid we have been creating live streams for our clients as well - allowing them to share their thought leadership and get their messages out to the world at large through YouTube, Facebook and other platforms, as well as to their employees through their internal private networks.

Edward Moffat
Founder and Principal

Edward is the company founder (2008), with a BA in Music, and the Photographic Techniques programme at Humber College under his belt.  He has taught both Photography and Videography at Humber College as part of their Continuing Education programs, and held several positions on the board of Beaux-Arts Brampton - an artist-run gallery. He is published in several countries and with MoffatCreative has worked all across Canada and the United States.  Edward is a Panasonic Storyteller.

Logan A. Rutherford
Cameras, Drones

Logan is our go-to guy for all video projects and any still-image projects where multiple cameras a required.  He is a published photographer and visionary videographer, who has taken his craft a step further by becoming a licensed drone pilot with Transport Canada, owning several drones himself. Our Video on the Nurse Call Solution at The Jacob is a perfect example of his work.

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