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Armed with exceptional equipment and experienced people, MoffatCreative makes images to your specifications for you, and your company.  We are fully insured and ready to make imagery at your site, or ours.

Headshots here2.gif
Headshots (our studio)

$275 + HST - flat fee

  • Up to 90 minutes 

  • As many outfits as you like in that time

  • The best 5 retouched images provided to you in both Web-sized (suitable for use on websites and social media) and Full-sized formats (suitable for printing in magazines)

Drop us a line!

Headshots (your location)

$425 + HST + any expenses (toll charges or parking, for example)

  • Retouching fee of $12+HST per person. The more people, the more cost effective

  • Best 3-5 lightly retouched images provided to you in both Web-sized (suitable for use on websites and social media) and Full-sized formats (suitable for printing in magazines).

  • Short on time?  We have done as many as 78 people in three hours

We'd love to help!

Exec Portraiture.gif
Executive Portraiture (your place, or ours)
  • Not your typical white background headshot.  

  • Usually under extreme time constraints - because you are busy

  • Best images, retouched, and provided to you in both Web-sized (suitable for use online use) and Full-sized formats (suitable for printing in magazines)

  • May require administrative assistance to schedule person/people to be photographed

  • Printing using archival inks and thick, textured, cotton papers are available

Give us a ring!

Product Photography 
  • Custom-quoted based on quantity and type(s) of images required, location of shoot, retouching provided, if any, and number of products. 

  • Please note that all imagery is guaranteed to be colour-accurate.

  • Product images are typically made in extremely high resolution (~90mp), and then provided in up to three sizes (~2mp, ~20mp and ~90mp), in your choice of file format. 

Need your Catalogue updated?



Armed with exceptional equipment to capture video in 4K resolution, high resolution audio and professional lighting, MoffatCreative makes video to ensure your company looks its best.  We are fully insured and ready to make imagery at your site, or ours.

Things we can do to help:

  • Need a teleprompter?  Check.  

  • Need a tall version of your video for Instagram? Check.

  • Need actors/models/extras? Check.

  • Need a location? We do that.

  • Need subtitles in French or Spanish? Check.

  • Need wireless microphones? Of Course!

  • Need music? We can look after that as well.

Just ask!

Promotional Video(s) 

We take the time to make you look and sound your best, but before that we want to ensure you have your plan together for the look and feel and content of the video(s). We are happy to assist.  

We will provide lighting, sound, and high-end video equipment, along with empathetic coaching during the recording.

A draft project video is ready for you to review within a week, and then we will do final a set of touch-ups based on your feedback.  The final version is available in HD and ready for you to put on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or other platform. Perfect for building your brand online!  

How can

we help?

Promo VIdeo_4.gif
Event Videography & Photography

Custom quoted based on location, amount of time required to setup/record/tear down, number of cameras and operators, types of editing required, and the number of videos to be created from the event.

Event videography costs are managed by often having only two operators at an event with four or even five cameras.

Example project - early morning setup, four cameras and two operators record your event for two hours, leveraging sound from the location's PA system, and then we tear down. Videos clips are ingested, backed up, and a single video of the event is produced.  Based on your feedback and instruction three or four 3-minute 'highlight videos' are created - perfect for social media. 

Event videos_2.gif

When is

your event?

Live Streaming

Given our experience and capabilities in producing video for clients, adding live streaming was a relatively simple step to take.  We have hundreds of hours of experience in streaming live to Facebook and Youtube, and can likely live stream to your internal network.

Live production is addictive and something social media platforms weigh higher in their algorithms than regular video.  Of course once we are done, we will have an HD recording of the event to edit into smaller bite-sized pieces for social media as well.

  • Need a teleprompter?  Check.  

  • Need multiple cameras? Check.

  • Need presentation slides with the session? No problem.

  • Need improved lighting? We do that. 

  • Need music? We can look after that as well.

  • Need custom graphics, logos, your presenter's names and roles built into lower thirds...

  • Need to do a live streamed session - fully produced, and fully remote - without being forced to use Teams/Zoom/GoToMeeting/Webex/Meet...?

Just ask!

Livestream (your location).gif
Livestream (your location, or ours)

We bring the lights, cameras, microphones, camera switcher, computers, etc... to your location. You supply the space, access to the Internet*, and the talent - and we take your presentation live!  

When it is all done - we have a recoding of the session that can be carved up for playback, or highlights for social media later.

* Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn.... they all have quirks and the Internet can be volatile.  We will want to test connections and try a quick dry run in the days before your event.

Let us know where

you want to go!

Fully - Remote.gif
Fully Produced, Fully Remote, Livestream

In this option, your people are all at home, all completely remote, as are we.  


We manage getting your people online, and into the stream without them having to use another tool, create an account, or download a plug-in. While they go live we are pushing graphics of your/their logos, lower thirds, managing split screens, doing picture-in-picture of people speaking while slides are showing text or images of products... whatever is required for your live stream to be a success in getting your message out.

And as always, at the end we have a recording of the entire session so that highlights can be extracted for social media promotion later.

Tell us you want to stay put!

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