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2020 Best Video Cameras

While the Panasonic GH5 has been around almost four years now, it is still consistently thought of as a great camera for video creation.

DPReview just came out with their "Best Video Cameras" for 2020 and - the Panasonic GH5 is tops. Again. And while there have been many notable new cameras released in 2020 from Canon, Sony, Fuji, and Nikon, the #1 spot and #2 spots have both gone to Panasonic.

So... who cares.

Well - maybe you do. If you are hiring a partner to make imagery or video of your products, your services, or your team, it probably makes sense that you want that partner to give you every possible advantage - one of which is to use the best gear possible for the job.

At MoffatCreative we have been shooting with Panasonic 4k video cameras since fall 2014, and we have had 6k-capable Panasonic cameras since early 2017 (three of them now). You wouldn't make a finished video in 6k resolution, of course, but the extreme resolution allows for a) noticeably sharper finished video, and b) many more framing options when editing your project. It is rumoured that a successor to the GH5 will be coming in 2021... we can't wait to see what it will be able to do for our clients!!

In the article DPReview says that the Panasonic DC-S1H is also the best camera for video - and we have used the full-frame "S Series" since they came to Canada last year. These are particularly wonderful for product photography, as we can make high-resolution images of almost 100 megapixels with guaranteed colour fidelity for our clients. We want you to have every advantage possible when we are creating your images, and our partnering with Panasonic is part of our dedication to your business imagery.

Congratulations to Panasonic, again. Here's to 2021!!


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