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Support Local (!!)

The City of Brampton has done a nice job of trying to move the local economy forward - particularly during these tough times. There has been a real push to support local businesses. To that end the City created the Support Local campaign with signs and imagery like the one above.

It is hard to combat the big box stores and services that all seem to be flowing profits out of the country (Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Best Buy...) but a lot of the time their purchasing volumes allow them to create better pricing for shoppers. Pretty hard to argue with that. And they employ thousands of folks right here in town.

For our part, MoffatCreative provides something that bigger players can't - customized local service. Imagery of your people and products. We salute the idea that buying local, when you can, is good for everyone; it allows farmers to keep farming, and artists to keep making art, there is less shipping impact and packaging impact. etc.... We're happy to help by doing our part to promote the concept. And... Because we're in Brampton, too!

Well done, Brampton!

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